Let the stiff smiles and rehearsed photos take a back seat to the genuine moments shared with your little ones. DBP offers a light-hearted, modern spin on lifestyle photography as well as specialty newborn photography. Get comfy and take a look around!
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Danielle Brasher

Babies + stripes are some of my favorite things in my studio.  I loooove all of the earthy, organic styled newborn sets, too.  Changing it up a little with some modern-ish touches though – yes.  I picked up this super cool little locker drawer from Urban Outfitters in their one-of-a-kind section.  Score.  Its one of my favorite props so I have to really pace myself and refrain from using it all the time.  ;)

How ’bout them cheeks?!  This little ginger baby was a champ during his session. <3

BryceNewborn44 BryceNewborn02 BryceNewborn31 BryceNewborn66 BryceNewborn20 BryceNewborn28 BryceNewborn06

Me, too, Bryce…

Untitled-1 BryceNewborn27 BryceNewborn05 BryceNewborn59 BryceNewborn11 BryceNewborn52 BryceNewborn41 BryceNewborn36 BryceNewborn56 BryceNewborn25 BryceNewborn17n