Let the stiff smiles and rehearsed photos take a back seat to the genuine moments shared with your little ones. DBP offers a light-hearted, modern spin on lifestyle photography as well as specialty newborn photography. Get comfy and take a look around!
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Danielle Brasher

Loved this precious Beaumont baby that met me out in the sticks for a last minute Wee Traveler session!  I had taken my kids to one of the local parks for an afternoon and we hit up a few trails.  Along the way, this perfect little tree trunk started screaming at me to get a newborn.  Lots of fallen trees on these trails as left by hurricanes over the past 5 years or so.  You can see a couple of them still laying behind her in the first shot.  I have the faux tree trunk in my studio like many photographers, but the real deal was so cool.

We got this shot right at the beginning of March.  Good ole, unpredictable southeast Texas weather.  One day I’ve got a baby in their birthday suit just snoozing in the woods and the next day, we’re all bundled up in jackets.  Since this session, I haven’t taken another Wee Traveler baby because its just been too cold!  Come on summer time!

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