Let the stiff smiles and rehearsed photos take a back seat to the genuine moments shared with your little ones. DBP offers a light-hearted, modern spin on lifestyle photography as well as specialty newborn photography. Get comfy and take a look around!
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Danielle Brasher

Now that we have some firm dates on our move to the Houston area and some fab things planned for my new studio space, I think newborn workshop dates are in order!

 I love the photographers that I get to meet and share what I’ve learned in newborn photography.  I always ask for feedback after a workshop and I received some amazing feedback that I wanna share with you guys.  Teaching has been so rewarding for me and the friends that I take away from those workshops are amazing.  Tami Fosher with Tami Fosher Photography is an exceptional woman and photographer out in Nebraska.  I loved her accent immediately!!  I’m sure I sound hilarious with my southern twang.  I’ll say it, haha!!   Anyway, I wanna share the sweet words that Tami sent to me following her Wee Dreamer workshop with me.  It meant a lot, my friend!  Thank you!!

“Danielle is just an incredible person, instructor and mentor. I was blessed to have won a seat at a workshop with Danielle and a great friend of mine. Having the opportunity to learn, with someone as talented as Danielle, is invaluable and being able to do it along side a friend was such a great experience. Regardless of the number of babies I’ve photographed, I feel that learning from someone else has a huge impact on your growth and development as a photographer. I was self-taught until this year and wish I would have gone to a workshop so much sooner. It would have saved me hours and hours of frustration and error before perfecting the art, which this workshop has brought me closer too. 

Being able to share experiences and learn from someone who has photographed so many babies is helpful beyond measure. The workshop exceeded any expectations I had about the experience, and I’m re-energized for more newborns this Fall. You were so generous in the information you shared, from pre-session information + parent prep, lighting, session set-up and preparation, posing, session flow and post processing all the way to business and marketing, it’s obvious why your sessions are so successful. I was in complete awe at you rocking a 45 minute session that I felt again that I could “do it”. After a couple months of super discouraging sessions, I realized that so much of it is really holding parents accountable for the session and taking control again. Thank you thank you thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for getting my heart back in it!!”

With that said… I am happy to announce more workshop dates for 2014-2015.  Hope to see you!







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