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Danielle Brasher


Oh my goodness.  This girl.  Palmer’s mom contacted me for a lifestyle shoot for PK’s 6 month session and I knew that everything was going to be fabulous.  Her room – gorgeous.  Great window light.  And I love how we stilled so many sweet moments with her parents and none of it had to be directed.  Just a lazy afternoon playing with PK.  Perfection.  We took these in February and we had just had a very warm week before her shoot.  Of course it was cold and wet the day of her shoot.  She didn’t last long for the outside family shots.  I know I probably shouldn’t say this, but the shot of her crying is such a keeper.  lol  Of course we promptly moved the party back inside. ;)

Palmer Kate’s cousin calls her ‘Palmer Cake’.  Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?  Anyway, loved all of it.  We even had a visitor from one of her pups at one point.  At-home sessions are my fave!

Palmer-6mo-002 Palmer-6mo-012 Palmer-6mo-004 Palmer-6mo-011

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